Staff and Board of Directors


  • Managing Director, Elizabeth Hammond
  • Program Specialist, Carrie Boggess

Executive Committee

  • President, Cory Boggess
  • Vice President, Kristy Webb
  • Treasurer, Michael Rothwell
  • Secretary, Adrienne Sullivan


  • Lilly Rueda-Dominguez, Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Parents First Call Chair
  • Sarah Blackwell, Director
  • Shawn Clark, Director
  • Heidi Angel, Government Action Committee Chair
  • Brock Brandenberg, Director
  • Michelle West Crim, Director
  • Ty Genteman, Director
  • Karen Buie, Director
  • Erin Dunn, Self Advocate
  • Heather Shults, Director
  • Lovina Johnson, Director
  • Milton Johnson, Director
  • Brandon Moore, Director